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Looking for Interview Subjects on Cloning & IP in Games

Hey! Now that I’m finished with law school and graduate coursework, I’m starting the first major project of my Ph.D. dissertation on originality norms in the games industry. I’m looking for interview subjects throughout the games industry, from lawyers and publishers to game designers, artists, developers, and writers. If you’re willing to volunteer 30–45 minutes of […]


Sorry to leave everybody in suspense!  I successfully defended my Master’s thesis on Play & Justice in League of Legends in September… and then started a JD/PhD program at Northwestern the next day!  Plus I went to GDC a few weeks ago, and LAZA KNITEZ!! has been released on OUYA! I’m planning on a major […]


The Rawls discussion sparked a provoking line of inquiry on game designers turning their systems expertise to real world issues, and especially voting.

As the conversation grows more sprawling, I have a more difficult time keeping up with the different branches and simultaneous threads.

Alienation & Games:

For the Game Cultures seminar at ITU, I presented a companion lecture for our session on Co-Creative Labour and Culture.  For that class, we read Hector Postigo’s “From Pong to Planet Quake,” Henry Jenkins’ “Interactive Audiences?”, a chapter of Jon Dovey & Helen Kennedy’s Game Cultures: Computer Games as New Media titled “Interventions and Recuperations?” […]

Design What You Know

Rich Dansky (who worked on the development of Changeling: The Dreaming) said that after the game’s release the darkfae-l listserv had “a rampaging debate on the list over how the folks at White Wolf had gotten so much of their existence right”, adding, “Finally, one of the list members came to the obvious conclusion that we’d gotten it […]

Farming in Minecraft:

I bought Minecraft months ago, but I haven’t really played it for more than a few hours.  I have a post to make about how Terraria is superior in every way that is relevant to me & how its recent cancellation is a travesty that proves we live in a fallen & degenerate world.  That is […]

Mutant Poetics

With a Brief Digression On the Use of “Train” in MMO Vernacular I frequently dabble in the study of mutant poetics.  What is the nature and extent of this idiosyncratic study, you might ask?  I hazard that it’s somewhat related to the field of neologism, the propagation of new words and the recognition thereof.  Mutant […]

Game Criticism: A Brief Survey

Recommended listening: Cave – W U J As I’ve coquettishly hinted at previously, I’m taking classes on both game journalism and digital game theory this semester & thus have placed my feet to the fire on this whole writing about video games thing.  In digital game theory, we are required to “blog” (I don’t blog […]

Gaming’s New Grind

Excuse a bit of wordpride, but I just had an article I wrote on a really cool PlayStation Move controller go up on Kill Screen.  Check it out here. I had a really good time at Nordic Game Jam, and I think I’m about to do a short piece about it for a Nordic game […]