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Rawls & Games Pt. 2

Continued from here.

Rawlsian Game Design:


Speculation on VR Regulation After Seeing Disunion at Exile


Speculative Ludism:

Or, What Is It Like to Be a Mario? Death is an incoherent and varied phenomenon across the many instantiations of the genre of the electronic game.  Frequently, there is little relationship between rules and fiction[1] when it comes to dying.  To take a common scenario: Mario plummets to his death; a “life” is subtracted […]

Virtual Worlds Research Network

I’m putting the finishing touches on my slides for a presentation tomorrow on “Uncanny Telepresence” at the inaugural conference of the Virtual Worlds Research Network, hosted at the University of Edinburgh.  Plenty of updates to give you about life in general (if you haven’t checked the LAZA KNITEZ!! website in a while, take a look!), […]

Documenting Play

Here’s a collection of photos I’ve taken recently of people playing around ITU, including some fierce sessions of J.S. Joust, Nordic Game Jam and some matches in the GameLab. You might as well use Flickr’s full screen slideshow. Press play on the sweet jam I provided to further your viewing pleasure.  


A piece on Gordon Calleja’s concept of “miniatures” is still bumping around in the cogitation skunkworks, especially since I’m 3/4ths of the way through In-Game. In the meantime, a few worthwhile quotes from pieces I’ve been reading: “When a work is produced, the creative act is only an incomplete, abstract impulse; if the author existed all […]

Vintage Footage: Party Games & Blindfighting

Miguel Sicart, one of my professors at IT University of Copenhagen, shared a video of blind-folded boxing. I set out on a brief excursion in cyber-flaneurism to uncover a few related morsels. Brightening Up the Parties (1925) Pictured above. — Is your fancy flapper party too dull?  Spice things up today with some sublimated eroticism masquerading […]