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Procedural Justice as Procedural Rhetoric

In May, I inadvertently sparked a lengthy conversation about the role of Rawls in game design with 140 characters: “Magic: the Gathering Rawlsian veil of ignorance draft format: draft as normal, all players randomly given a deck at each round of play.”1 It’s hardly a perfect analogue to Rawls’ veil of ignorance: decisions are made […]

Flirting with Excess

or LAZA KNITEZ!! as Carpentry, Pt. I “In the first place, it is clear that vertigo cannot be associated with regulated rivalry, which immediately dilutes it.  The paralysis it provokes, like the blind fury it causes in other cases, is a strict negation of controlled effort.  It destroys the conditions that define agôn, i.e. the efficacious […]

Rawls & the Cake Game as Procedural Justice

“The intuitive idea is to design the social system so that the outcome is just whatever it happens to be, at least so long as it is within a certain range. The notion of pure procedural justice is best understood by a comparison with perfect and imperfect procedural justice. To illustrate the former, consider the […]

Gender in League of Legends, Pt. II

My last post provoked some interesting discussions.  The next lengthy post will focus on Taric and sexuality in League of Legends.  In order to deliver on the promise I got myself into by labeling the last post Pt.1, I wanted to get into the responses and some of the things I learned as a result. […]

Research Methodology #1:

I do a lot of research.  I’ve been doing a lot of research since high school and I’ve gradually been cobbling together a workflow that saves me a lot of time, and even better allows subsequent research to build on work I’ve previously done. If programmers have codebases, researchers can benefit from knowledge bases.  Since […]

A Tremendous Headbutt

Damn, long time since I’ve been around here, huh?  I was travelling a lot this summer, which upsets my digestion of scholarly literature, but fret not, gentle reader!  I have just recently moved into a new apartment, with a comfortable chair, suitable for sitting long hours in.  This is key to my writing process— I […]


“It has been a game changer,” said Ray Gutierrez, who trains the civilian crews, all Americans, who operate the cameras, and the military units who use them. One recent afternoon, he stood in the small control room beneath the old fort where two men with joysticks scanned close-up views of the hillsides several miles away, […]

More on Miniatures as Cybernetic Control Fantasy:

Life imitates art.  A recent Wired article features some interesting commentary from one of the controllers of the Israeli missile defense system called Iron Dome. Computer geek, keyboard combatant, soldier, call him what you will, Idan and others like him man the controls of the latest rock star in advanced military technology. “There are a lot […]

Play, Carnival, Spectacle:

A few quotes I gathered today that resonate. “Festival only makes sense when its brilliance lights up the sad hinterland of everyday dullness, and when it uses up, in one single moment, all it has patiently and soberly accumulated.” —Henri Lefebrve, Quotidienne 2 “It should not be forgotten that worse than the cheat is the […]

Uncanny Telepresence

A video demonstrating Minecraft’s “Quake Pro” Field of View (FOV). Over the last few weeks, I’ve experienced a strange phenomena I propose identifying as “uncanny telepresence.”  If Marvin Minsky’s telepresence is the experience of “being there,” uncanny telepresence is the experience of “not quite being there.”  It designates cognitive dissonance experienced by the player due to […]