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Month: June, 2011

Late night crunch session:

Staying with my best bud Kate in L.A., heading out to Louisiana tomorrow afternoon.  I’m putting the finishing touches on an article for a blog I’m a huge fan of about Brown v. EMA now– I’ll share more info as soon as the details get worked out, but hopefully it’ll be published soon.  In the […]

Victory for free speech & video games:

We won!  Check out the Supreme Court decision, penned by Justice Scalia, here.  Keep an eye on this space for commentary.

Hey everybody– the Northwestern Interdisciplinary Law Review just published my senior thesis, Electronic Games & the First Amendment. It’s available for download at SSRN and should be up on Google Scholar shortly. The timing worked out great; the Supreme Court case the article focuses on, Brown v. EMA, is coming out tomorrow. Here’s an abstract […]