a journal of play.

Month: July, 2011

Juul on Caillois:

What up, Internet?  I’ve been pretty busy catching up with emails, but I thought I’d get fancy and hit y’all with some content.  I just started reading Jesper Juul’s Half-Real.  Here’s an excerpt that stuck in my craw: Caillois is best known for his categorizations of games (and play) into agon (competition), alea (chance), mimicry […]

Analysis up on Kill Screen:

Good morning ladies & gentlemen: I hope everyone’s Fourth of July celebrations were fantastic.  I personally tore the skin off the top of the toes on my right foot, was badly sunburned, & threw up from overexertion after a long day of volleyball, hydrosliding, and celebratory imbibing.  Hooray America! I am totally psyched to report […]

Change of plans:

Look out for an article on Brown v. EMA Tuesday… All I can say is I’m really excited about the new host.  Sneak peak, for your eyes only, loyal readers: In his dissent, Justice Thomas weighs in with a radical rethinking of the First Amendment rights of children– that is, they don’t have any unless […]