a journal of play.

Month: November, 2011

The Game Jam as Radical Practice:

Exile Game Jam has come and gone.  Games were seen, games were played, games were made.  I knocked off a research assignment, read up on permadeath, and got more than 100 pages of “Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7” under my belt.  Not bad.  Add two hot meals a day and enough beer to keep […]

Games as Self-Realization:

I used Martin Redish’s theory of self-realization (from “The Value of Free Speech”) to justify classifying electronic games as protected speech. Here, Gadamer makes the argument better than I did: “Reality” always stands in a horizon of desired or feared, or at any rate, still undecided future possibilities.  Hence it is always the case that […]


The deadline for the Game Jam was an hour ago.  We’re gonna start presenting games pretty soon.  My text adventure is nowhere near finished, but I learned a bunch of Inform 7 and I got to see how the game-sausage is made.  I’ve had a ton of fun out here in the beautiful Danish countryside, […]

Baby’s First Game Jam:

Hey gang– coming to you live from Exile Game Jam, hosted in a goddamn big house called Vallekillde, which apparently got the party started in 1865.  As someone who got kicked out of boarding school twice, I really admire the hell out of this place.  Check out their English website if you want to learn more […]