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Month: February, 2012


A piece on Gordon Calleja’s concept of “miniatures” is still bumping around in the cogitation skunkworks, especially since I’m 3/4ths of the way through In-Game. In the meantime, a few worthwhile quotes from pieces I’ve been reading: “When a work is produced, the creative act is only an incomplete, abstract impulse; if the author existed all […]

Vintage Footage: Party Games & Blindfighting

Miguel Sicart, one of my professors at IT University of Copenhagen, shared a video of blind-folded boxing. I set out on a brief excursion in cyber-flaneurism to uncover a few related morsels. Brightening Up the Parties (1925) Pictured above. — Is your fancy flapper party too dull?  Spice things up today with some sublimated eroticism masquerading […]

Farming in Minecraft:

I bought Minecraft months ago, but I haven’t really played it for more than a few hours.  I have a post to make about how Terraria is superior in every way that is relevant to me & how its recent cancellation is a travesty that proves we live in a fallen & degenerate world.  That is […]

Mutant Poetics

With a Brief Digression On the Use of “Train” in MMO Vernacular I frequently dabble in the study of mutant poetics.  What is the nature and extent of this idiosyncratic study, you might ask?  I hazard that it’s somewhat related to the field of neologism, the propagation of new words and the recognition thereof.  Mutant […]

A Kissing Game for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Unless you’re being a punk about it.  I hear a lot of “boo hoo” sour grapes “Hallmark holiday” talk, mostly from your average single type.  So often this devolves into the standard vulgar Marxist critique of Valentine’s Day: “I’m not going to participate in a cultural activity because PEOPLE WANT TO MAKE […]

Game Criticism: A Brief Survey

Recommended listening: Cave – W U J As I’ve coquettishly hinted at previously, I’m taking classes on both game journalism and digital game theory this semester & thus have placed my feet to the fire on this whole writing about video games thing.  In digital game theory, we are required to “blog” (I don’t blog […]

Gaming’s New Grind

Excuse a bit of wordpride, but I just had an article I wrote on a really cool PlayStation Move controller go up on Kill Screen.  Check it out here. I had a really good time at Nordic Game Jam, and I think I’m about to do a short piece about it for a Nordic game […]

On Permadeath & the Magic Circle

UPDATE: The link to the full-text article was originally incorrect.  You can download the paper here. In the twilight of last year, I re-read Caillois and Huizinga. I concluded that people had been too hard on Huizinga and largely ignored what’s interesting about Caillois, but I also can’t shake the feeling that neither writer has […]

The Incarnation of the Digital

I want to build an arcade machine. I want to give LAZA KNITEZ!! some kind of permanence. I realize this amounts to trying to save an ethereal and digital creation forever in danger of vanishing back into the realm of the abstract. The erosion of time, the changing tide of technology, and the simple gauzy […]

Marx & Play

An interesting snippet on Marx and play that I stumbled across in Wikipedia under the “Criticisms” section of Commodity Fetishism. “Marx’s idea of commodity fetishism is therefore claimed to be an exaggeration, because in real life people simply do not fetishize objects to the extent that Marx thinks they do. They apply all sorts of […]