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Month: May, 2012

Virtual Worlds Research Network

I’m putting the finishing touches on my slides for a presentation tomorrow on “Uncanny Telepresence” at the inaugural conference of the Virtual Worlds Research Network, hosted at the University of Edinburgh.  Plenty of updates to give you about life in general (if you haven’t checked the LAZA KNITEZ!! website in a while, take a look!), […]


“It has been a game changer,” said Ray Gutierrez, who trains the civilian crews, all Americans, who operate the cameras, and the military units who use them. One recent afternoon, he stood in the small control room beneath the old fort where two men with joysticks scanned close-up views of the hillsides several miles away, […]

Preparing for Exhibition:

LAZA KNITEZ!! will be at Nordic Indie Game Night.  Here’s a video recording our saga thus far: