a journal of play.

Month: September, 2012

Abstraction, the Body & Motion Controls

From a discussion of the importance of controllers in understanding gameplay by Graeme Kirkpatrick: The controller and its resistances are those of the game and its objects, compared with the screen image they are commonly a miniaturized and condensed instantiation of the game program. “Play involves exploring and altering the field of tension. When Steven […]

Research Methodology #1:

I do a lot of research.  I’ve been doing a lot of research since high school and I’ve gradually been cobbling together a workflow that saves me a lot of time, and even better allows subsequent research to build on work I’ve previously done. If programmers have codebases, researchers can benefit from knowledge bases.  Since […]

Speculative Ludism:

Or, What Is It Like to Be a Mario? Death is an incoherent and varied phenomenon across the many instantiations of the genre of the electronic game.  Frequently, there is little relationship between rules and fiction[1] when it comes to dying.  To take a common scenario: Mario plummets to his death; a “life” is subtracted […]

A Tremendous Headbutt

Damn, long time since I’ve been around here, huh?  I was travelling a lot this summer, which upsets my digestion of scholarly literature, but fret not, gentle reader!  I have just recently moved into a new apartment, with a comfortable chair, suitable for sitting long hours in.  This is key to my writing process— I […]