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Month: October, 2012

Gender in League of Legends, Pt. II

My last post provoked some interesting discussions.  The next lengthy post will focus on Taric and sexuality in League of Legends.  In order to deliver on the promise I got myself into by labeling the last post Pt.1, I wanted to get into the responses and some of the things I learned as a result. […]

Gender in League of Legends, Pt. I:

I’ve been getting back into League of Legends for my Game Cultures research project and the paper submission I’m working on for the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research.  We’ve been discussing the sexualization of the female body in the videogames in class, and I thought it’d be worth looking into for my current project. League of […]

Design What You Know

Rich Dansky (who worked on the development of Changeling: The Dreaming) said that after the game’s release the darkfae-l listserv had “a rampaging debate on the list over how the folks at White Wolf had gotten so much of their existence right”, adding, “Finally, one of the list members came to the obvious conclusion that we’d gotten it […]

Sensory Deprivation & Wrestling

  In today’s class, we discussed disability in gaming. Below, I unpack how wrestling forced me to forego my two dominant senses, sight and sound. I wrestled for a couple of years in high school. Within a month of joining the team, I was on the varsity squad. If this were because I was a […]