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Month: May, 2013

Flirting with Excess

or LAZA KNITEZ!! as Carpentry, Pt. I “In the first place, it is clear that vertigo cannot be associated with regulated rivalry, which immediately dilutes it.  The paralysis it provokes, like the blind fury it causes in other cases, is a strict negation of controlled effort.  It destroys the conditions that define agôn, i.e. the efficacious […]


The Rawls discussion sparked a provoking line of inquiry on game designers turning their systems expertise to real world issues, and especially voting.

As the conversation grows more sprawling, I have a more difficult time keeping up with the different branches and simultaneous threads.

Rawls & Games Pt. 2

Continued from here.

Rawls & the Cake Game as Procedural Justice

“The intuitive idea is to design the social system so that the outcome is just whatever it happens to be, at least so long as it is within a certain range. The notion of pure procedural justice is best understood by a comparison with perfect and imperfect procedural justice. To illustrate the former, consider the […]

Rawlsian Game Design:


Speculation on VR Regulation After Seeing Disunion at Exile


GDC 2013 Fragments

tl;dr – scroll down for pix The photos used in this post & more are available under a Creative Commons (attribution) license here in hi-res. Enjoy! When I got to San Francisco on the Saturday night before the 2013 Game Developers Conference, I had already been on the road for two weeks, hopping from Copenhagen […]