Vintage Footage: Party Games & Blindfighting

by tommy.rousse

Miguel Sicart, one of my professors at IT University of Copenhagen, shared a video of blind-folded boxing. I set out on a brief excursion in cyber-flaneurism to uncover a few related morsels.

Tempting Eve

Brightening Up the Parties (1925) Pictured above. — Is your fancy flapper party too dull?  Spice things up today with some sublimated eroticism masquerading as a party game!  Quote: “Eve is tempted with an apple – she has to take a bite of an apple hanging from a string. Three girls have a go together.”  The connotations of the “folk” game moniker sometimes idealize & obscure the class position and taste production that social games always possess: here an example of group play by elites.

Blindfold boxing (1933) — The sightless Australian ephebes in this short don sacks over their heads before being spun around and unleashed on each other in a frenzy of errant fisticuffs.  They spend as much time pounding members of the crowd as they do each other.  Fast motion segments with normal speed audio lend unsettling quality to final third.

U.S. Marines in Battle Royal (1941) — A bunch of blind-folded marines, many of them stripped to the waist, beating the everloving shit out of each other.  Probably the most simultaneous ass-kicking that I have ever viewed in the documentary mode.

Blind boxers buff (1949) — Featuring ringside babes utilizing the old “boxing-glove-on-end-of-stick” routine, usually reserved for Wile E. Coyote & other cartoon characters, to prod the unseeing fighters towards each other.