More on Miniatures as Cybernetic Control Fantasy:

by tommy.rousse

Life imitates art.  A recent Wired article features some interesting commentary from one of the controllers of the Israeli missile defense system called Iron Dome.

Computer geek, keyboard combatant, soldier, call him what you will, Idan and others like him man the controls of the latest rock star in advanced military technology. “There are a lot of flashing blips, signs, symbols, colors and pictures on the screen. You look at your tactical map; see where the threat is coming from. You have to make sure you’re locked onto the right target. There’s a lot of information and there is very little time. It definitely reminds me of Warcraft and other online strategy games,” Idan says.

—Amir Mizroch, “Israel’s Rocket-Hunting Ace Got His Start in Warcraft