Virtual Worlds Research Network

by tommy.rousse

I’m putting the finishing touches on my slides for a presentation tomorrow on “Uncanny Telepresence” at the inaugural conference of the Virtual Worlds Research Network, hosted at the University of Edinburgh.  Plenty of updates to give you about life in general (if you haven’t checked the LAZA KNITEZ!! website in a while, take a look!), but at dinner I had the opportunity to sit across from Richard Bartle, the legendary co-creator of the Multi-User Dungeon (commonly known as MUD1. Dr. Louise Connelly asked Dr. Bartle if he’d ever give up gaming. He replied:

No—because games are my means of expression. They are how I make my artistic points.


It’s refreshing to hear such a straightforward defense of games. His general argument for the purpose of virtual worlds has a lot to do with self-actualization—which lines up fairly well with my adaptation of Martin Redish’s argument for self-realization as the first principle of free speech to explain why electronic games should be protected by the First Amendment.

I encourage you to check out the VWRN site and get involved!