A Tremendous Headbutt

by tommy.rousse

Damn, long time since I’ve been around here, huh?  I was travelling a lot this summer, which upsets my digestion of scholarly literature, but fret not, gentle reader!  I have just recently moved into a new apartment, with a comfortable chair, suitable for sitting long hours in.  This is key to my writing process— I have to sit on these ideas to incubate them in my hennish manner. Another key to the process is having to write in order to get a grade or the promise of a few coins to rub together as just desserts.  The former has driven me back from the free pastures of unscribed reading and thinking with a steady hand, but I still have a little sulking to do before I write something clean and proper.  There is no shortage of writing to do.

Last time we caught up, I had just given a talk at the Virtual Worlds Research Network’s inaugural conference.  There’s actually video of that event here, but the audio is atrocious— you can hear my former laptop howling indignantly into the microphone with my meek chirps on top.  Plus I accidentally repeated a joke on account of being nervous.  I wrote a thirty page paper based on the presentation about a week afterward, and I’m happy to say that I made a lot of progress on uncanny telepresence.  My interdisciplinary curse is not quite knowing where it should go, of course.  If anyone wants to swap manuscripts for revision, get at me.

I was elected to the executive board of the Digital Games Research Association as secretary.  Another unopposed election, one of my notable specialties.  I’m especially interested in seeing how conference-sausage gets made, and I take a pretty mean set of minutes.

After the pell-mell rush towards finishing my second semester at ITU, I was hit with an epic tidal wave of thrilling LAZA KNITEZ!! action.  First we went to Nordic Game Indie Night, a fantastic event organized by the Copenhagen Game Collective, and everyone played our game!  The Buttfighter (that’s the atrocious name we gave our homebrewed IKEA cocktail cabinet) made the trip to Sweden with us, and we went around thrusting controllers into every sweaty palm we could find.  This was the first live test of LAZA KNITEZ!! since we finished up the slide mechanic, and we were absolutely blown away by the response.  We were honestly surprised we were nominated as finalists in the first place, and then we ended up winning the Indie Sensation award!  Going up on stage and standing next to the guy from EA in charge of Battlefield 3 was pretty cool, but for me, standing next to the magnificent son of a bitch that made Super Stardust HD was even better.  Here’s Mads and I hammin’ it up after taking home our plaque:

Shortly after that, we brought the Buttfighter to SpilBar X and had a chance to get some of my professors from ITU to take a crack at the game.  We also got Kunal from Babycastles and Leigh Alexander from basically every gaming website to play LAZA KNITEZ!! and they had fun!  Check’em out rocking these LAZA KNITEZ medallions:

After that we trucked the Buttfighter out to Distortion Street Festival, courtesy the fine folks at KnapNok and the Copenhagen Game Collective.  For almost the entire day we were out there, bringing LAZA KNITEZ!! to the people under the ominous shade of some real serious rain clouds, and finally the heavens opened and it was every man for himself.  Somehow the Buttfighter escaped unscathed, but Jonas and I were like a couple of drenched cats staggering around Copenhagen under my little umbrella.  But while the weather held out, we were in some pretty outstanding company— the incomparable Nidhogg was right next to us, B.U.T.T.O.N. just around the corner.  Here’s a dude having a really, really good time playing LAZA KNITEZ!!

That’s more or less the game-related part of my summer, those last couple of weeks in Copenhagen!  Future update on what I’m up to this schoolyear, but right now I’mma elbow drop Rip van Winkle and catch Zs with a butterfly net.