US Tour 2013

by tommy.rousse

I have a couple of thousand-word journal posts which I’m contractually obligated to file in the next ten days or so.  Gotta get them ECTS, you know.  In case you missed it, I also recently published a recap of our experiences last year as winners of the 2012 Nordic Indie Sensation Award for Copenhagen Game Collective.

Before returning to heady academic analyses, though, I’ll briefly regale you with a tale of my impending journey, whereby I set off across the amber waves of grain, etc. of my insecure homeland in pursuit of fame, glory and swag.  In that noble pursuit I’ll be criss-crossing the country in search of a new home.  My time in Denmark is growing short; if everything goes according to plan, I’ll be done with my Master’s thesis in early June and I’ll decamp from Europe some time during the summer.

For roughly the last four years, I have been trying to become a JD/PhD candidate.  While I dimly recognized then that gaining admission to two programs at the same school, each with a perilously slim acceptance rate, would be a harrowing task, I was then but a naive waif wholly unprepared for the mountains of paperwork, the legions of bureaucrats, the Sisphyean tasks and the Augean stables piled high with horseshit.  But I’m standing now on the cusp of that elusive goal, having been accepted into three PhD programs and two accompanying JDs (still waiting on that third one!).  So I’ll be headed off into the United States for some college tours.  This is the first time I go on a college tour, because I went to Northwestern as an undergrad sight unseen.

That’s the first leg of the tour, plus some time to recoup with dear friends and allies in Chicago and Los Angeles along the way.  For the second part of the tour, I have to explain Glitchnap to you.  Glitchnap is Team Buttfighters redux— look we came up with that name after six hours of brainstorming, and never expected our game design group to last for two years and counting! So we needed a new name.  Mads, Joon, and Jonas, the other three handsome fellows in Glitchnap, are sitting in San Francisco now at Chartboost University Boot Camp  learning about how to become a successful startup, along with our good friend Mikkel.  Because of some EXTREMELY AWESOME NEWS that I can’t share with you yet, our whole team ended up getting free trips out to GDC.

I’m heading out to GDC thanks to the IGDA Scholars program.  I just recently found out that I’ve been assigned Tom Buscaglia, the Game Attorney, as my IGDA mentor, and I’m thrilled to be meeting him soon. After GDC I’ll be heading back to Copenhagen for about a month before shipping back out to the U.S. for the Extending Play conference at Rutgers, where I’m on a panel with fellow ITU-Copenhageners Miguel Sicart and Douglas Wilson.  I think I’m going to be heading out to a bunch of other crazy conferences before my thesis gets handed in June 3rd (yikes!), but mum’s the word on that until I hear a little more.  I’ve got to row my ducks and get to packing, but that’s a quick update on what I’m up to over the next three weeks.  See you in San Francisco!