Hamburgers by Kate Kennard

I’m a JD-PhD student in the Media, Technology & Society program in the School of Communication at Northwestern University in Evanston/Chicago.  I graduated with a MSc. in Games Analysis from the IT University of Copenhagen (2013) and a B.A. with Honors in American Studies from Northwestern University (2010).  My research draws on a wide array of disciplines across the humanities and social sciences, including  science and technology studies, critical theory, social network analysis, constitutional law, and game studies.  Right now I’m completing my first year of graduate study in the School of Communication; I begin study at Northwestern Law in Fall 2015.  My first major research project followed Brown v. EMA (2011), the case that established videogames as protected speech under the First Amendment.  Right now I’m working on dispute resolution systems within League of Legends, the non-digital origins of arcade culture in the U.S., and pinball as a moral panic.  I’m currently focused on developing computational social science research skills and a firmer grasp of the many literatures my interests span.  I participate in the global independent gaming culture as a critic and game designer, and over the past year I’ve worked towards bringing Northwestern into contact with Chicago-based game developers.

I’m currently a Fellow in the Science in Human Culture program at Northwestern and the Secretary of the Digital Games Research Association.

CV available upon request.